windows 8 new computer what should I do for security

It isn't actually a new computer.  My last install got a virus so I just did a factory reset.  What should I do to make sure this is secure before starting to use it?

Please let me know what you would suggest, like bitlocker, using a different non-admin account, should I delete any accounts?  Anything else as far as virus protection, etc?

I have all info on either dropbox or google drive, so I had no issues restarting from scratch. Since I have this "opportunity" I want to do things correctly.
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Salah Eddine ELMRABETTechnical Lead Manager (Owner)Commented:

Security is not some thing static, not only having an AV installed means you are safe! you have to paranoiac and think about security for each action you will done on your computer!

I can give you some suggestions:

Install an anti-virus software and keep it up to date by checking for update frequently.

Use a strong password for your account.

Be sure that links you clic on during searchs are safe.

Never  open illogical emails containing strang attachment files (ie: .SCR .BAT...).

keep you windows up to date by installing available update and security corrections.


If you plan to reinstall you windows, make a backup of you hard disk image using clonezilla or ghost or any other tools for image backup once you have installed all programs and tools you are using usually which you can restore after a disaster.

Best Regards.

jackjohnson44Author Commented:
Thanks.  If anyone else has advice I'd love to hear it.

I am looking for specific advice to implement after a fresh install before doing anything else.  For example using bitlocker, or using a non-admin account.  I realize other things are necessary going forward, but that is not the specific thing I am looking for at this time.
it looks like you want to be sure to be protected  - automatically - by installing some software
that does not exist
as said above - use a mix of AV software and personal education - that's the best anyone can do

" I realize other things are necessary going forward, but that is not the specific thing I am looking for at this time" - Ok, so you just seek an opinion on the aforementioned measures Bitlocker and running as non-admin?

Bitlocker protects against unauthorized access to your hard drive. This would only hold true if the computer is shut down. It will not be seen as a measure against virus infections.

Running as non-admin is a good thing and offers a little more security than running as admin in combination with user account control on. So sure, do that. The other accounts don't need to be deleted. Leave the built-in account administrator deactivated. When you install something, you need another account with administrative rights - having a password for it is not necessary and with the password blank, internet attackers cannot even use this account.

About virus protection: You have a built-in protection named windows defender. Tests show, that there are better ones when it comes to heuristical features. So if you feel like investing, you could. That is however not very important in my opinion. Infections mostly come from Trojan horses in software that people googled and didn't care where the download came from. That can be avoided. Or from strange mail attachments or links - can be avoided, too. Or as drive-by-infection because they never patch their browsers or windows - can surely be avoided.
So only in very few cases where one gets infected, you can say "this is because your AV isn't high class".

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