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How to break the admin password of an Aztech DSL8800GR(S) broadband router

I've misplaced the password of our broadband router.

For Cisco routers/switches, there's a way to break the password to regain access.

can someone provide me a step by step instruction on how to break the admin
password for Aztech DSL8800GR(S)   router?  The firmware ver is 297.6.1-010

I wish to change the keys that users used to register/connect to the SSID.
How do I go about doing this?
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Technical Lead Manager (Owner)

For Cisco routers/switchs and other constructors working on Medium and Large enterprise market equipments, the architecture is based on advanced HW containing ASICS/CPU/FLASH/NVRAM.... so they have a small firmware that can be used for loading the software (similar to computer and sevrers that have BIOS or EFI that loads  the OS) also  they have a console port in order to access the boot mode called RMON in Cisco technology and then manipulate the load of software and registry change.

For the DSL router you are asking about is in SOHO (Small Office Home Office) category and generally have a small board that contains Controller chips and integrated port so for disaster recovery only JTAG or proprietary interface and tools to troubleshoot the HW.

Regarding Q1: The only case to break the password is a factory reset (You will need to reconfigure the router from scratch!!) using the reset button:

If just depressing the reset button won't work; you have to do what's called a 30-30-30 reset. First, hold down the reset button for 30 seconds with the unit plugged in. Then, after 30 seconds, unplug the unit while STILL HOLDING the reset button. After 60 seconds, plug the unit back in while STILL holding the reset button for 30 more seconds. You will have been holding the reset button for 90 seconds total. This will set it back to factory defaults, including the username and password

Regarding Q2: you have to access the router Web Management Interface and navigate to Wireless configuration TAB and follow the steps:

1.  On the Web User Interface, click Quick Setup then click Wireless.  
2.  By default the Wireless Feature is Enabled.  
3.  If you want to hide the Network from active scans, simply tick the Hide SSID checkbox.
4.  Input  your  preferred  Wireless  Network  Name  (SSID)  for  your  wireless network.
5.  It  is  highly  recommended  to  select  the  “Auto”  mode  for  Channel setting, this will allow your router to connect to the least congested Wi-Fi channel at all times.  
6.  Select  a  Network  Authentication  method  on  the  drop  down  list.  By default this is selected as Mixed WPA2/WPA-PSK.
7.  Enter your preferred Network Key (Password).  
8.  Click the Save/Apply button to save and apply wireless settings.

For more detail refer to DSL8800GR User Manual

Best Regards.