beginner queston - how to move (not copy?) files from mac to windows

don't know much about mac compujters.  helping a friend move from a mac to windows.  I shared a folder in windows, in mac finder, I connected to server and can drag / drop files into that shared folder on the windows machine from the mac.

1) How do I move rather than copy so that I am sure it is on the windows machine (and not on the mac anymore).
2) how do I make sure I find all the files (pics, videos, word docs, etc).  I am in finder on the mac and clicked on 'all my files'.  does that get all pictures and other user created files regardless of where they are?  He has pictures on his desktop. would those be that 'all my files' favorite?  and again, I'd rather move than copy the files.  that way I know they are on the PC - if I don't see them on the mac, then they are likely on the PC (yes, that gets rid of one copy - the one on the mac.  but he is good about backing upo on the windows machine
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iPhoto stores photos in an image library.

To move the photos to windows, open iPhoto, then click on "Photos" under Library in the left hand sidebar window.

Then type Command-A (select all).

Then pull down the File menu to Export. In the window that opens, choose the File Export tab. Make sure you choose "original" for file type. You also have an option to sort the pictures in subfolders by Event name.

Make sure you choose "original" for file type.
P.S. You can't "move" files between two different volumes (either on a Mac or a PC). You can only copy.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
1) You CAN move instead of copy on OSX!!  If you hold down the CMD key when dragging the little green plus icon will disappear and the file/folders you are dragging will be MOVED and not copied from source to destination .. even to a Windows network share.  In effect it copies then deletes the original file but that is what you want isn't it?

2) The "All My Files" folder view in OSX is a relatively new feature introduced in recent OSX versions and is NOT a great place to work from.  In effect it is a dynamic search of the users HOME folder and all subfolders looking for all the main filetypes, image, text, document, music, movie etc.  It has quite a performance slow-down on computers with little RAM and I'd never trust it 100% to find everything.  Read more on it here -
The "All My Files" view DOES NOT include image files or other files which may be stored in compressed form or inside your iPhoto library for example or in locations outside your users Home folder which can also happen .. it is only finding files which are in plain view in your main documents, pictures, music, movies, desktop folders etc.
Personally the safest way to copy files/photos from OSX to Windows is to backup the entire user Home Directory .. or to target specific folders.

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Thanks, Iain, for point number 1. I just learned something new!
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
@strung .. EOIN not Iain .. & you're welcome
Sorry, Eoin. I have made that same mistake before. With your last name, I should know you use the (original) Irish spelling. My humblest apologies.

I have a friend, Iain, and a son Ian, and keep getting the spellings mixed. Since I am a "John", I guess I am an Ian (Eoin, Iain?) too.  :-)
The Command key functions similarly to the Control Key on Windows.  It's the same as the basic Move Files when you hold the Control Key in Windows Explorer.

In the Terminal Command line, you would use the mv command to move files.
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