Need formula to separate data from column and send to another

The following line (below) appears in an Excel spreadsheet.  I need to copy the codes (A code and L code) from this column and place them into separate columns within the same sheet.  I am exporting from a billing program and then need the codes in their own columns in order to import into another program.

"A106 Communicate (with client) L330 Depositions"


"A106" one column and "L330" in another column within my sheet.  Can leave the original column that contains text and codes in the sheet.  Is there a formula that would do this for me.
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barry houdiniCommented:
You can try this formula to extract the "A" code, assuming it's always followed by 3 digits, and where your data is in B2 (change as required)


and this for "L"


If those don't work please give some representative examples of your data - will the codes always have 3 digits, is there any consistency about where they appear in the text?

regards, barry
CynSzczAuthor Commented:
Thanks Barry, I am going to try this.  I will let you know.  Yes, the column with the codes will always be the same.
CynSzczAuthor Commented:
Barry!!! It works.  One thing though.  The sheet may have two or two hundred rows so the "B2" reference will not produce results for the entire sheet.  How do I solve that?
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