System FIle Checker problems

Working with Vostro 270, Win 7 Pro, that everything seems to be running at a snail's pace! Malwarebytes has found nothing & disabling unnecessary things in the background has had no affect. I tried running system file checker (running as an administrator) & during first step (verification phase of system scan), it stops at 12%, with the message 'Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation'. I also tried this while running in safe with exactly the same results.
Any suggestions?
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
- Be sure to disconnect from web when diagnosing.
- Are there strange named processes in task manager?
Ashok DewanFreelancerCommented:
1) Disconnect from internet
2) Open task manager to check CPU and RAM utilization there could be strange process.
3) If not then check file system by typing this command chkdsk

Slowness cause by high CPU OR RAM utilization, Hard disk problem and corrupted file system.
try running a repair :

if that does not work - best backup your data  - and go for a fresh install
Acronis True Image 2019 just released!

Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

Do not run chkdsk before checking the HDD with the manufactures diagnostics.
chkdsk can kill a failing Drive.

You can find the manufactures diagnostics test on the manufactures web site or download and use UBCD.


Also try MS FixIt:

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gromackAuthor Commented:
DL'd the latest ultimate boot disk & started the WD diagnostics. Became concerned when it prompted me to back up data before proceeding, so I went to my acronis for a full back up & am getting a message 'failed to read data from the disk'. Now it's suggesting I run check disk & create a back up of the disk! Now am I missing something, or is this kinda like the old 'keyboard not detected, press F3 to continue' message?
Now what?
run the WD diag
after that -  if no errors -time for chkdsk
but it looks like you'll have to grab what data you can from this disk...
Give the computer time to warm or cool as temperature will give + or - results.
If WD diagnostics shows HDD failure then stop testing and remove the HDD and use backup software in another computer to scan / recover your drives data.

If you wish to try and repair your Drive then this software may interest you.
HDD Regenerator

Without more detailed info. we can only offer safe ways to test and diagnose what is the cause of your trouble.

gromackAuthor Commented:
Going to try making an image of the drive, using clonezilla & will restore to a new HD.
Note that cloning software that runs on the failing HDD is not a good idea.
Test the HDD with WD diagnostics and make your next step pertaining to the diagnostic result and my previous suggestions.
an image will work - provided the os and filesystem are intact - more or less - since it works like a file backup more or less, not at all like a clone
chances are however it will fail also

fingers crossed  - since you seem not to have a backup ?
gromackAuthor Commented:
Not a recent one...
gromackAuthor Commented:
Ok, tried making an image & had errors when it was checking the saved image, saying it was broken.
Ran the WD diagnostics from the UBCD & both the quick test & the extended test say no errors found.
thus means the disk is ok, so probably you have file system or software corruption
run chkdsk then
gromackAuthor Commented:
Ran chkdsk, lots of bad blocks. After that, I was able to clone drive & restore to a new one & all is well.
BTW, the repair install you suggested, does that work the same way the old repair install in XP did? I seem to remember trying that a long time ago on another computer & it didn't work the same way...
no - repair install on W7 is different
gromackAuthor Commented:
What good is it then & why would they want to screw up something thata worked so good, as in how it did with XP?
ask MS - i don't know
chkdsk tries to repair or move data from failing sectors which is a workload that can cause disc failure vs makers diagnostics that only scan and report any errors / weakness on the disc ... giving you the option of what to do next.
gromackAuthor Commented:
You know, I thought about that after I did that, not hitting the 'accept multiple solutions'. Can you go back & change? I wasn't sure if you could, but I do want to give credit where it's due.
gromackAuthor Commented:
WD diagnostics showed no problems, went on to chkdsk. After that clonezilla was able to make an image file that I was able to restore to a new HD.
Thanks for all the help!
you're welcome, and tx for posting the solution
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