IBM infowindows II crashed, How to use a standar flat VGA monitor


My old IBM infowindows II, 15 years old, crashed this week. I used this device to connect to my iSeries 515 IBM. Now, is impossible to get a new infowindow II.

How can I attach a standar VGA flat monitor?... a Dell Led monitor for example

Any idea?

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Refurbished Twinax terminals are available at
heze54Author Commented:

Thanks for this web site, but... ¿Is possible that enviroment?
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Haven't seen one in many years.  What does the connector for the monitor look like?  May not even be a VGA interface.
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Does it use the older RS-232 standard or DB-25 monitor connector port or the DE-15 or other?

These links will show you what connector you have.

You can still find good used monitors with the older cable connectors on e-bay

Or you can get cable converters ( note that a cable converter may also require a signal converter to work )

Confirm what monitor port is actually on your iSeries 515 IBM?
Also what port / cable is on the Dell Led monitor that you wish to use?

Then a converter can be researched for you.

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heze, Michael is giving the correct information.  The *monitor* that you see is actually a terminal, it is not a standard monitor.  You either, have to connect another terminal or use a computer that has terminal emulation software on it and a hardware card that supports the connection type (although given the right configuration, you can connect an AS400 to a network so that it's terminal communications can be handled via standard network protocols).

Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
I looked it up, and IBM Infowindow II twinax terminal comes in a couple of models.  I'm guessing you're talking about the 3488, which uses a standard SVGA monitor:

If that's the case, then any SVGA-compatible monitor should do.  

If you have to replace the entire terminal, just about any twinax terminal or emulation solution will work as a replacement console.  Buy two while you're at it - you really want a spare on hand.  Twindata is a good source.
I have two InfoWindow II consoles. One is the 3487 integrated unit with CRT and the other is a 3488 modular unit. (My 3487 also recently died. When I get around to it, I'll reconfigure the system for a LAN console.)

If you have the integrated unit, there is no way to use a simple monitor/screen with it. The modular unit is intended to be used with a simple SVGA monitor; almost any old unit can be used, though it can take some experimenting to pick the appropriate settings.

In my area (Tacoma, WA), the best source is a place called Re-PC. It accepts old, used equipment for recycling. Over the years, they've also had a number of twin-ax devices dropped off. They not only recycle, but also place dropped off items in a warehouse style outlet for sale. No guarantees other than whether or not the equipment "works". (For a twin-ax device, that usually means "it powers on successfully".) Extremely cheap stuff, including old 14"/15" monitors.

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