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Server 2012 AD Migration - Is this allowed?

We were about to install a new Server 2012 and the historic SBS 2008 died the day before.
The original server was on Domain ABC1 and the new server will be on ABC2.

Can I add the PC to the new Domain as I can't contact the old server to remove them properly.
I have run a test and it appears to work but is still using the old DHCP, the IP number and ranges are effectively identical.

All data, per se, has been saved.

Many thanks
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Since you are transitioning from one domain to the other, you can after making sure you have a local admin account, remove the computer from the old domain(disjoin), and then join the new one. Or do a straight join to the new domain.

To remove a system from a do in you do not need the DC. (Properties of computer, advanced settings, computer name, change to workgroup to disjoin) or rerun the wizard to join the new domain.
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The problem was that as it couldn't contact the original DC it was complaining.
Can I just swap one domain for the other, with the new DC in place?
Or should I go old domain > workgroup > new domain.

Is this what you call a disjoin?
Or should I go old domain > workgroup > new domain.
apparently your only choice .. no backups? even to restore the domain to a virtual machine?
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Yes this can be done and it works: Well I have several dozen machines working perfectly having done it this way.

The rule of thumb is:
1. Make sure you have or have rest the local admin password on that machine and you have a record of the machine name, the admin name and password.
 2. Join the new domain. You will get an advisory message - continue. There is a longer version of the message which means you have forced the DNS in which can make the DNS auto-detect and try again.
3. Enter the new domain's admin username/admin combo.
4. Restart and done.