ping test


can u help a simple code that runs a ping test to 3 different servers and write these results to a log file? we dont want it to append each result to the log file

all help will do
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Something like this? It'll open one command prompt for each server, will only log status changes, and (the most important feature) change the window color according to the current status.
ServerList can be host names or IP addresses; the log files will be created in the script's folder, begin with the script's name, then the pinged name.
@echo off
set ServerList=
if "%~1"=="" (
	for %%a in (%ServerList%) do (
		start "" "%~f0" %%a
	goto :eof
set IP=%~1
mode con cols=40 lines=25
title Ping %IP%
set LogFile=%~dpn0-%IP%.log
set Lost=X
ping.exe -4 -n 1 %IP% | find /i "TTL" >NUL
if errorlevel 1 (
	if not %Lost%==1 (
		color 4F
		echo - Down: %Date% %Time: =0%
		>>"%LogFile%" echo - %Date% %Time%
		set Lost=1
) else (
	if not %Lost%==0 (
		color 2F
		echo + Up: %Date% %Time: =0%
		>>"%LogFile%" echo + %Date% %Time%
		set Lost=0
	ping.exe -4 -n 2 localhost >nul
goto :loop

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Let's assume that the servers are named Server1, Server2, and Server3, c:\log exists, and that name resolution is working.

The following should work:

ping server1 > c:\log\server1ping.txt
ping server2 > c:\log\server2ping.txt
ping server3 > c:\log\server3ping.txt

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rutgermonsAuthor Commented:
thanks comprobsolv

how can i get it only right to one file and append and not overwrite
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Hi rutgermons...

Per CompProbSolv's solution, change all to:
>> c:\log\pingresults.txt

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Basically, use >> instead of >
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Glad I didn't think more complicated too oBdA!

NVIT's answer is correct if you want to keep ALL old logs.  If you want to start a new log (erasing the old one) each time you run the set of 3 tests, use > on the first one and >> on the second and third.  You could do some rename commands at the start to keep some number of old logs.
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