Excel lookup - Tank Volume Puzzle - Sum the volumes in tanks based on type when the list order changes

We have storage tanks that are tracked by two main types and one group of other types.
The order of the list changes as the tanks are moved around the district.
Using  vlookup on type 1 and 2 we can keep track of the high priority volumes.
How would I total the volumes in all other types into one cell ?Tank-Puzzle.xlsm
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Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
I have made some changes to your worksheet to be able to use the formulas more efficiently. This formula has been used for the desired sum


Enter the formula in D13 and copy it down.
AMixMasterAuthor Commented:
Renaming the row headings in the output to match the column headings solved the problem of using an exclusive function!
Keeping it simple is the way to go!
I actually lookup the values in a remote sheet, it should work for a remote reference.
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