create hyperlink in outlook 2010 vba so blank spaces don't break the link

When I receive an email with a hyperlink sent from a MAC, the path does not work on my PC. So I wrote a code that replaces the MAC terminology with PC terminology.  The code works perfectly.  But now I realize when I get a MAC link sent to me that has empty spaces between words, the new PC link is broken at the first empty space.  I thought the solution would be to replace the empty spaces with "%20". This works perfectly except ALL the spaces in the content of the email are filled with "%20" and makes the email unreadable. I thought the solution would be to replace the empty spaces with "%20" in white font so the "%20" would be "hidden" against the white background throughout the email but I don't know the code to replace empty spaces with a white "%20".  I'm open to any solutions.
Thank you.
Here is the macro (Outlook 2010) used when receiving MAC hyperlinks in email and converts it to PC hyperlinks.
Sub SwitchURLs()
Dim olItem As MailItem
On Error Resume Next
Set olItem = ActiveExplorer.Selection.Item(1)
With olItem
    .Body = Replace(.Body, "afp://xinet/", "\\hscreative\")
    .Body = Replace(.Body, "file://localhost/Volumes/", "\\hscreative\")
    .Body = Replace(.Body, "/", "\")
    .Body = Replace(.Body, " ", "%20")
     End With
 End Sub
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
The above will also destroy HTML formatting, but if you do not care about that ...
Replacing all spaces by %20 is no good idea

For correct handling, you'll need to know where the link ends. The Mac needs to send something along to allow the link to have visible spaces, as this is no allowed link path, even in Linux or MacOS.

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