Invoke Remote Assistance using a script

Running Windows 7 pro in a peer to peer network.

I administer this peer to peer network remotely.  My client is small and has a tight budget.  They are willing to pay for 1 connection using a third party  program.  To connect to all the other pc's, I have been using TightVNC.  This has worked well.  Let's call the computers in this network C1, C2 etc. There are 6 pc's.   I connect to computer C1 using the third party program.

The problem:  A large monitor has been added to computer C3.  Now when I connect from C1 to C3 using TightVNC, all I see is a tiny portion of the C3 screen.  I cannot see the task bar on C3.  I cannot pan the screen on C3.  I have set the display options in TightVNC to auto.  TightVNC refuses to correctly show the screen on C3.  

Requirement:  When I use TightVNC to connect to any computer  I can leave the computer logged in.  When the user of that computer comes to work the next day, they just sit down and go to work.  

Investigation I have done so far:  I decided to go into the office and invoke Remote assistance on C3.  I went to computer C1 and connected using Remote desktop.   Now I can see all the C3 screen.  When I disconnect from C3, the C3 computer is still logged so the user can work (see requirement above)  .  

The problem: In order to invoke Remote assistance, someone must be at computer C3.  No one is at computer C3 when I need to work on it (usually on Saturday).  So,  since I cannot get TightVNC to cooperate, if I could find a way to run some script or command to invoke Remote assistance on C3, then this might solve the problem.   I found a link (see below) which seems to indicate this can be done.  However, the information at this link is very limited.  

Q1.)  Who could send me some code examples which could be invoked remotely on computer C3 and would force computer C3 into running Remote Assistance?

Q2.)  What command would I run on computer C1 to invoke the Remote Assistance start up script on C3? I understand there is something called AutoIT which might help?  I know nothing about AutoIt.

Q3.) May be you have a better idea?

This is the link:
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You can use msra /offerRA to connect from the one to which you VNC to the others in the environment.  Though you may have to make sure you have a GPO that sets your account as having the right to offer assistance .

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Configure each system for remote access.
There are many ways to accomplish, does the local router include VPN capabilities?

VPn in and the vnc/Remote Desktop .....
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
MS RA does not seem to work without the user having to confirm, and that confirmation runs in a sandbox you cannot access via e.g. VNC.

Provided all PCs have internet access, you should look for a more direct option, like TeamViewer. This could be started remotely on demand from another PC on the network; TeamViewer requires one license for the supporter, and the counterpart can run as often as you like.

VPN and direct VNC is an option, too.
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Yes, RA needs confirmation.
Why don't you use Remote Desktop instead? Most problems inside user sessions can be solved without logging in as the user (or viewing his session) anyway.
donpickAuthor Commented:
>>You can use msra /offerRA to connect from the one to which you VNC<<
Please tell me more details about this.  What script do I need to use to invoke this /offerRA command?
I assume this is some text command.  How do I invoke it?  
  This is a peer-to-peer network.  There is no server.  Exactly what gpo on the C3 computer needs to be added/ modified?

The local router does not have vpn capabilities.
There's no way to use RA without confirmation. This /offerRA or unsolicited help is not what you are looking for.
Don, my appologies, he msra is the means to offer assistance by another user, and would require confirmation from the user accepting it.

Scripting, what you can do is make the request assistance request.

I guess you are looking for script that will generate the appropriate "request for remote assistance" and  will email it to you. The problem is that it has to be ran within the context of the user.

I think you narrowed your approach to such a degree which complicates an issue beyond what it needs to be.

1) if the issue is with a user related item, then the user will be at the computer to point out what their issue is when they do whatever it is they need to do such that the offer for assistance can be accepted or a remote assistance request can be filed.  Not sure it can be scripted.
If the issue is with the system, having the user logoff and access it via RDP is the next best thing.
Though in your case, given your client is on a tight budget the systems might be without RDP support.

Back to your VNC access to multiple screens, not sure why you are not seeing the screens,.
donpickAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your comments.
donpickAuthor Commented:
The solution was to install the most recent version of TightVNC.  Now the problem is solved.
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