Canon ImageRUNNER2520 newtork scanning (ScanGear)

Hello all!

Can someone help with imageRUNNER252? The copier does not have a send function, but has the built-in scan-to function that can be used with Canon Network ScanGear.

Did anyone managed to set this up on a server? That would make things much easier (large lan).

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You can setup a share, and then use the file SMB \\servername\sharename and then provide the username/password that will be used to place the files there.
Oh, depending on the os version of your server, you might have to adjust advanced firewall settings to allow older smb version through.
mrmutAuthor Commented:
The printer doesn't have SMB file saving, only ScanGear network TWAIN driver/application with Scan To functionality.
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Please confirm the model you have.
The scan to option often includes email. Smb.
Twain deals with having an application ASP, etc. that ecopy that could would scan when something is placed on the flatbed or in the feeder if any.

Can you add entries to the address book?
Are you able to manage the printer via the web interface?
Scan to address book contact that is a file........
In recent, you had only 252 as the model, the title of the question includes it all.

Here are the steps.
Add an address book contact or a quick contact that is an smb destination \\servername. Path: \sharename

Then when you use scan-to select either the destination from the address book or from the quick contact list.

That should do what you are looking for.

Use the web interface into the printer to configure this and any other destinations you want.
mrmutAuthor Commented:
I am sorry, it is ImageRUNNER2520 model, I made a typing error I didn't see. :-(

There is no SMB or FTP option in menu.
I do not have access to this model, but have used other Canon IR as well as ColorIR.
Do you have network access to the printer?
Using the web browser, access the printer. Make sure to access it in administrator mode or else all you will be able to do is see at the current configuration.
When the page opens, navigate to the address book, there you should have on-touch speed dial. pick an unused option 1-14
You should see the register a new address and the type could be e-mail, fax, group, file, i-fax.
In this case you will select file (once selected the display will change to provide the options available such as:
 protocol: smb or ftp
file Path:
User name:

Let me know if you have issues The naming convention when a directory is entered is automatic.  have not looked at switching it. (was unnecessary for the individual)
If you have FTP setup on the server, you can have the file transferred that way, I have not used it so not sure what the naming convention of the file if different.
In the higher end systems, the formating of the file is based on the date YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.pdf
in the 10xx and likely in the version you have 2520 the might be a counter like is COUNTER_nnnn.pdf

Double check before if you need to differentiate between the scans, make sure to use different folders to place the files in......
mrmutAuthor Commented:
I'll look again, but I emphasize there is NO SMB option.
In short, if there is no file/smb option in the address book one touch, than the only option you would need to use email or any other option including i-fax to another printer that does have file/smb option.
mrmutAuthor Commented:
NO SMB, only workign option is direct TWAIN scanning.
Twain is an application I terrace such that a user would need to work it.
Do not have this model as stated, but I f it has a scapn to optio, I believe scan to one touch with file as the destination should be an available option.

Could you post an image of the web interface?
Main page, administrator mode, address book section expanded, on touch selection, edit/add p/enable one of the ones, type selection option? IPs file one of those options?

Do you gave an option to call canon support?
mrmutAuthor Commented:
There is no SMB option, as I said before. The printer needs a separate send-to card, which user did not want to buy.

I don't have any other options.
If no send to option is available, the only option is to setup a workstation next the printer that includes the application Adobe acrobat pro, foxit writer, or any other application that has a create a file from scanner option and matches your output format.
Without the send to option, it is a two step process through twaine scan.interface.

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Should the individual update/get an office equipment in the future, making sure the send to feature is included will avoid the need of a sevond system/software that can provide the pull scanning.
mrmutAuthor Commented:
I will, thank you.
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