Two sites connected via VPN, would like to store each other's backup for offsite purpose

This client owns two companies that are 15 minutes driving away and VPN connected. Each company has 3~4 servers running ShadowProtect as backup.
What we would like to do - while the servers are backed up locally, a copy of the local backups are stored on the other site as well for offsite purpose.

How can we make this happen? (the brand name, model, the product name, etc)

Many thanks!

Y YconsultantAsked:
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Thomas RushCommented:
I don't know ShadowProtect, but if it puts the backups into a single directory somewhere, couldn't you just copy that directory periodically, using tools like RoboCopy (if you present the remote site as a share) or if you can ftp files back and forth, use ftp to copy only new files as explained in this post:

Note: Since you'll probably have two independent copies of ShadowProtect running, you'll want to 'catalog' or 'import' the replicated backups when the copy job is done.  This will ensure that you can do a restore immediately should it be necessary.
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