How to capture video/audio from a website

I have ytd to download videos from youtube but I would like to
download from the following but my Real Player (which usually
I can hover over a youtube video & select download) would not
allow me to download it.

Is there any way to download it (ideally to mp4 format or next
choice is flv format)?

The url I was trying to capture the video is :
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Ideally a freeware is recommended.  I don't like camtasia as I had
some issue with it before & one EE link says the video/audio captured
is choppy
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
I tested your link in Firefox with Download Helper free addon ... it works fine.

Right-click on the three rotating colours in your Firefox browser toolbar when the video is playing.
Click on media
Choose Download (Rather than Quick Download)
You will have a choice of 4 different qualities to download.
Download Helper is available for other browsers but I've never tested them
..... I prefer Firefox.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
The downloaded files from that site are   *.F4F
You could try the Download and Convert option.
VLC may play them or you can search for a F4F converter.
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Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
Fraps has always been a reliable program for me when trying to capture audio/video on my computer.

Hi sunhux
as it is part of a playlist in order to separate it
click on link next to share <<  download in FF browser if you wish however
two points >>this one is only 2 minutes 22 secs and as mentioned downloads to f4f
download helper saves to F4Ff4f is a fragment from Adobe streaming file format
 Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, f4f file format

a simpler method is download it off YouTube there is many a lot longer covering the entire funeral and since you have YTD this is far simpler.
Here is the list of videos on youtube of
Lee Kuan Yew's funeral procession
Most video online is spread out over Vimeo and youtube as well
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much.

Btw, what's the limitation of the free version of fraps?
Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
I believe its 30 seconds.
There is no free version of Fraps only a trial and besides the limited 30 secs recording in trial it also keeps the words Trial version of Fraps logo on top until you buy it.
 I use fraps to record to my games and desktop tutorials so can concur it captures very nice quality but there is a few things you should know,
Fraps like the free open source cam Studio captures live in avi and therefor the output size is is very large.
A 50 sec capture using 50 frames will output 1.68 gig. Then you need to convert it to make it smaller.

Don't you like the simpler way of downloading off youtube instead?
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Well, not everything's in youtube: sometimes I like to get movies from  or

So to which format will it assume a smaller size?  mp4  or  ?

Any loss in quality when doing conversion to a different format?
no not really especially using mp4, what did you plan t convert them with?
mp4 is a good size when you consider 50 secs capturing without audio is nearly 2 gig.
With audio is larger.
 it only saves in raw avi.
The reason is the live capturing it cannot render them when live capturing
My settings
fraps settings
most of your questions answered here
I use either windows live moviemaker save video for high definition display converts it to mp4, /
vlc can also convert or Freemake to convert them. Freemake is brilliant but you need to watch the add ons decline all of them tilll you just get the installer.
but mainly when I upload them to youtube and that converts them flash.
These are Skyrim captures in game.
You can browse my video to see the quality after conversion of flash.
Really the best tol available for the purposes of downloading video online to preserver quality and not take a lot of time is WM-recorder I found it really simple but is not free. Buying these tools is worth it and then you have a reliable software that has lifetime updates.

There is also
video grabber
may more around..
good luck.

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