How do you detect when a user clicks on an image on a page being displayed by a WebBrowser Control (VB.Net)?

I use a WebBrowser control to display a series of images.

I'd like to be able to determine when the user clicks on one of the images.

I'm handling the WebBrowser document's Click event but can't figure out how to determine what the underlying html element was clicked.

Here's what the WebBrowser control is displaying:

<img src="C:\Users\John\Documents\jwLACScraper\CA03\CA030000-W.jpg" width=180 height=140 title="CA030000-W.jpg" />
<img src="C:\Users\John\Documents\jwLACScraper\CA03\CA030001-W.jpg" width=180 height=140 title="CA030001-W.jpg" />
<img src="C:\Users\John\Documents\jwLACScraper\CA03\CA030002-W.jpg" width=180 height=140 title="CA030002-W.jpg" />

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Here's my Click handler. It captures the click event but the code below always detects the <Body> element and not an individual <IMG> element.

Private Sub htmlDoc_Click(sender As Object, e As System.Windows.Forms.HtmlElementEventArgs) Handles htmlDoc.Click

' browser is the WebBrowser control


		Dim BrowserCoord As Point = browser.PointToClient(e.MousePosition)
		Dim ele As HtmlElement = browser.Document.GetElementFromPoint(BrowserCoord) 'htmlDoc.ActiveElement

	Catch ex As Exception

	End Try

End Sub

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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Well, it really depends on you use case. I'm using in most cases custom anchors:

		<a href="img:1"><img src="C:\Users\John\Documents\jwLACScraper\CA03\CA030000-W.jpg" width=180 height=140 title="CA030000-W.jpg" /></a>
		<a href="img:2"><img src="C:\Users\John\Documents\jwLACScraper\CA03\CA030001-W.jpg" width=180 height=140 title="CA030001-W.jpg" /></a>
		<a href="img:3"><img src="C:\Users\John\Documents\jwLACScraper\CA03\CA030002-W.jpg" width=180 height=140 title="CA030002-W.jpg" /></a>

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and capture the click in before navigate and cancle the navigate event.

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You can handle the Click event of the images:

        For Each image As HtmlElement In htmlDoc.Images
            AddHandler image.Click, AddressOf image_Click

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ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
I ended up embedding the images within an anchor similar to ste5an and then handling it inside the WebBrowser control's Navigating event.

louisfr's approach of adding a click handler to each image would have also worked for me.

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