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Godaddy and Word Press

I need to increase my file upload size from 32MB to 100MB in Word Press. My site is hosted by GoDaddy and they said I needed to change or add a php5.ini file to the WP-ADMIN folder.

I added this file with this information:
upload_max_filesize = 100M
post_max_size = 100M/

Restarted services and it didn't work.

What do I need to change in Word Press to get an upload size of 100MB hosted by GoDaddy?
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did you call php.ini on web page for value updation? just ensure it is updated in it.
Maybe GoDaddy is no longer the right answer for your needs.  Here are the hosts that WordPress recommends (hint: It's not GoDaddy):

You can see the PHP settings that are actually in effect by running this PHP script show here in its entirety:
<?php phpinfo();

Open in new window

File uploads may be affected by more than just the PHP settings -- there is MAX_FILE_SIZE, too.  More required reading here:

There is another thing that I've seen clobber file uploads.  It's called Suhosin.  In my experience, it's a cancerous and devastating problem for legitimate PHP web sites, causing all kinds of silent failures, data destruction and run-time crises.  If a hosting company has it avoid them.  If they cannot turn it off, avoid doing business with them until they can demonstrate that it will not cause you trouble!
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This worked. I had to create a php5.ini file and add it to the root folder and the magic happen. I increase the limit to 100 MB instead of the 50.  Thanks.