Data Speeds for USB 3.0 Memory Sticks - Self-Measured

Has anyone measured the data transfer rate of a USB 3.0 Flash Drive/Memory Stick/Thumb Drive, when plugged into a USB 3.0 slot?
I realize that any manufacturer claims are always high & unreachable, and I realize that the data transfer speeds will vary significantly with the size and number of files being trnsferred ... However I see most of the Manufacturer claims of "Read Up To 245MB/s; Write Up To 190MB/s" and I am getting only 5% of that speed.
When I do a quick 5-minute copy of files onto one, and measuring the time, I am getting at best about 9 MB/s.
9 vs. 200 is quite a big spread. I am wondering if that is normal, or possibly I have a bad Stk.
(Macbook Pro 2015 using this Stk: Silicon Power 64GB Jewel J80 USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Titanium SP064GBUF3J80V1T)
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easiest is to test with other usb 3 sticks
Every flash drive has it's own electronic components and usually the more expensive, the faster it is. On the OFFICIAL website, it doesn't specify the speeds (while most bigger brand names DO specify their speeds, especially on their more expensive range of products). This will lead me to believe this is a budget product and hence, has low writing speeds. You brought up the "Write up to 190MB/s" claim, but that's from another manufacturer, one that uses more expensive components. You cannot compare it with your product (or any other product or than the product this claim is based on).
Generally, claims of the "write speeds up to" are met only when copying BIG files in one go (1GB copy of one file has almost exponentially faster speeds than 1.000.000 x 1 KB files), take this into consideration next time you test it on a product with a claim on the website or package.
If no specs are available, you rely on other people leaving reviews online. In this case, the 32 GB version on Amazon has a few reviews, quoting about 30-40MB/s read speeds, and one claim of 15MB/s write speeds. Assuming that was for a big file copy, and you copied some random files at 9MB/s, I'd say nothing is defect, and everything is in working order (both your USB stick and the Mac).

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bleggeeAuthor Commented:
Makes sense.  I will check the user feedback in the Reviews.
Any recommendations?  I need size (32Gb or 64GB or larger) and Speed (faster = better of course).  Price is not really a consideration.
i usulla go for known brands, like Sony, and Kingston
they have been working fine for me
slect the one  you want - for speed and size here, then loook for it  on the web :
Besides the very expensive Kingston ones, Sandisk also produces fast flash drives (under the Extreme product line) that may be more favorable in price.
As noted before, these 2 brands already have the specs up on their website, and user reviews are not necessary (if they lied about their speeds, they'd be caught by now).
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