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Filtering portal results

_Astrid_ asked
I have two portals in one layout.

The Open Opportunity filters portal records by using IsEmpty Date::Opportunity Closed fields. That works just fine.

However, the closed opportunities portal is also showing both closed and open opportunities, not just closed opportunities. Since all records have an Open field, how do I filter the Closed Opportunities portal to show only closed opportunities? I have the portal to sort via Closed Date but it only works if there are more than 3 records because there are 3 rows in that portal. Thank you! :)
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Have you tried simply negating the expression you used for the Open portal? That is,
not IsEmpty( Date::Opportunity Closed )

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Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.

what historychef said...  :-)


Thank you both, kindly. I had an extra space in there somewhere throwing my results off. It's working now!