Camtasia Editing : how to save after done editing in timeLine

I have one camrec file. would like to edit by cutting needless portion.

i have tried many option to save the file, But could not.

please advice commands to save the file.
mac_gAdmin - Oracle Fusion Middleware suiteAsked:
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Go to "Produce and Share" , choose your output video format and that's it.
mac_gAdmin - Oracle Fusion Middleware suiteAuthor Commented:
I need small help ...

I have added video timeline .... have cut potion of it. want to update it the video

please let know how to do it ?        steps ....
What version of Camtasia do you have? 7 or 8?
And what output do you want for your video?

Step by step is a guide in the manual for version 8 starting with page 227:
Or in this video tutorial:

Basically you must go to "Produce and Share" as you may see for version 7 also in the video below from min 3:15 further:

or for version 8 from min 7:30:
mac_gAdmin - Oracle Fusion Middleware suiteAuthor Commented:
it is camtasia 8..

there answer for my question may be one line.
Can you please guide me through
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