How to extract mailbox content from Exchange 2010 into CSV or other readable format?

hi guys

We need to be able to extract the contents of a particular mailbox, without actually giving ourselves access to on MS Outlook to look at the entire contents.

Is there a way of extracting the mailbox information from Exchange 2010 for a specific user, during a specific time? From what I can see, you can only do this via the powershell but I need your help with the commands?

Thanks for looking
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Manikandan NarayanswamySecurity Specialist & IBM Security GuardiumCommented:

You can export the mailboxes using Exchange management console. Follow the below link. For exporting mailbox information into CSV file. Here is the below script which you need to download from technet. However i don't think you would be able to export specifc contents in CSV. The possible ways are either you export the entire mailbox or in-case if you want to delete certain emails then you can search for the email using powershell with it's subject line and delete it from Exchange management shell

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