Windows 7: Loosing Static IP address

Since Friday, a few computers running Windows 7 Pro have lost their static IP address.
When checking the Local Area Connection / Properties / Intenret Protocol Version 4 / Properties / the fields IP address and efault gateway are blank - despite the fact the "Use the following IP address" is selected".

Re-entering the static IP address does fix the issue but I don't understand why this is happening.

I am running BitDefender End Security Point on each machine.

The issue does not happen on all the Windows 7 machine.

A few users have reported an automatic installation of a Windows update - then a reboot - before the ip address issue occured. But I cannot confirm this point for each case.

Has someone seen this before ?

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Why are you using static IP's on PC's, and if that really is necessary, why don't you just use your DHCP server to assign them a static IP via their MAC address and reservations? That would be much easier to manage, as it is setup at one central location, your DHCP server, and you wouldn't have to visit each PC separately to set up the NIC. Besides, that, if you use the DHCP server to do reservations, you avoid risking setting up the same IP multiple times to more than one device by mistake.
Greg BessoIT Solutions EngineerCommented:
Just wondering, what range are your static IP(s) in and do you know if there is a possible conflict with your DHCP scope ranges?
GL29Author Commented:
Range: 192.168.1.x
Static from x=1 to x=119
DHCP scope (only one) from x=120 to x=232
nader alkahtaniNetwork EngineerCommented:
do you use any VPN or proxy bypassing tool ?
or any security connection tool ?
GL29Author Commented:
Ok, after getting a few more like this and checking the W7 event logs, it seems that the nic driver gets updated and does not always keeps the network settings.
I have followed 'rindi' advice by using reservations in the DHCP server. This is indeed more logical and practical.
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