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mac book pro junk mail and spam

Georgeidp asked
Yosemite os.   this computer has been getting a lot of spam, like 240-500 a day now, none before this at least at that level.
Spam filters were set higher on the network.

How do I control this?

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Thomas GrassiSystems Administrator

Which email client you using?

What type of email account is this?

what type of provider is this?

If you have a yahoo, icloud Hotmail etc type of accounts you can expect many spam messages to those type of email addresses.

If you have a company account then contact the email administrator they need to check the spam mail settings on the email server

Are the emails passing the spf check?  post the email header of one of the spam messages


Mac Mail
pop account

we set the company spam filter up way high.

we have  yahoo for some users.  most the company email.  we have google cloud account.
I use Spamsieve for mac Mail and I am very peased with the result. http://c-command.com/spamsieve/


There is a trial period if you like. Be sure to set up the rules exactly as they say.
Disable the mail junk filter and do as they say in the  http://c-command.com/spamsieve/manual#setting-up-apple-mail manual.