Office 365 and Hosted Exchange

Will start looking at this in the future.

My initial concerns (without too much investigation as yet) are:

availability of system
bandwidth concerns
ability to limit remote access

stop only company users using it

any suggestions?
were on on-premis exchange 2010 and using mimecast for continuity
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Mike SmithEnterprise VoIP & ISP BrokerCommented:
There is also a 3rd option - have a cloud company host and manage a dedicated exchange server.

How many users do you have and what kind of bandwidth do you have?  

Multiple locations or just a single site?

For 365, can you please clarify your concern of others using it?  Are you talking about non company employees using Word, Excel, etc. if someone gives them their company password?  What's the downside of them doing that?
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
Isnt that called hosted exchange?
about 30 users, 50 mailboxes.
10mb leased line
3 sites
one exchange server

365 - in terms of security, we dont allow non corporate devices access to network.
Mike SmithEnterprise VoIP & ISP BrokerCommented:
The terms are pretty confusing and not sure who is correct but here is the way I typically see it (in terms of how the service providers label it).
Hosted Exchange = Hosted Microsoft Exchange where you pay per seat for Exchange only (i.e. SaaS). The cluster of servers that are serving this application are hosted in a data center from the 3rd party provider (i.e. not directly hosted by Microsoft).  This is a great solution if you are only needing exchange and have simple, cookie cutter requirements.
Hosted Exchange on a Dedicated Server = You pay a flat monthly fee for the 3rd party provider to provide and maintain a complete Exchange Server in their data center... you don't pay per user and it's not hosted directly by Microsoft.  The provider can also do this for the other Microsoft applications (i.e. Word, Excel, Sharepoint, etc.).  This is a great solution if you have very customized requirements for security, compliance or 3rd party software integration.
O365 = Pay per user for Exchange plus your choice of other Microsoft Office applications (i.e. Word, Excel, SharePoint, etc.).  "O365" is always hosted directly by Microsoft, whether or not you purchase it directly from Microsoft or an authorized Reseller.  Other 3rd party providers can replicate the exact same product offering but they legally cannot call it "Office 365."  This is a good solution if you want more than just Exchange and you have very simple, cookie-cutter requirements.

In terms of bandwidth, it always depends on how much of the 10M you are currently using for your current applications, but bandwidth shouldn't be an issue with a 10M connection, since I'm assuming your users are dispersed among the 3 sites.  More bandwidth is always nice, though, and 10M isn't what it used to be... :)

Your other concerns about back-up and security are valid yet those can all be alleviated with any of the 3 options above, from a good provider.  You'd just have to jump on the horn and have a good discussion about those items, so they can address your specific concerns and they'll let you know how they resolve them.

Overall, many companies your size and much larger are using each of the 3 services above, so it's absolutely doable and more and more, a smart move these days.

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