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Is it possible to update my DNS without access to the related domain's e-mail box?

I have a .co.za domain name, and I need to update the DNS to point to different servers, but don't have access to the relevant e-mail inbox anymore, since I accidentally cancelled the account before updating the DNS.

I sent an update request to .co.za, but I think they require at least one response from the e-mails on file. They will of course get no response since I don't have those e-mail boxes anymore after cancelling the account at GoDaddy.

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userTesterAuthor Commented:
I decided to re-establish my e-mail with the original Provider where my domain was last hosted, and have been able to receive the relevant e-mail ticket that would allow me to make the DNS changes. I am waiting on the process to complete, so hopefully the updates will take place soon. It did cost me, but I was told that I could cancel the e-mail, with full refund within 45 days.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
I don't know how .co.za operates.  Basically, what you'll have to do is contact whoever controls the domain name registration and get them to change the contact information they have for you as owner of the domain.   Whether it's co.za or Godaddy, contact them by phone or snail mail to find out how you can regain control of the domain name registration. They'll require some proof that you legitimately own that domain name, and once they have that in their system, you'll be able to control the DNS zone again, wherever you choose to put it.
userTesterAuthor Commented:
It is easier to re-establish the email account, in order to receive the update ticket that is automatically sent when an update form is submitted. To avoid the cost factor, you'll just have to remember to cancel the email account, if you have no use for it anymore. Thanks for your input!
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