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Can a filemaker app be compiled or coverted into dot net

HalCHub asked
My client has a filemaker app they want to sell but they don't want to have to deal with filemaker licenses.  The database is MySql.

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Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.

You might be able to convert the table structure, but MySQL and FileMaker are quite different in the capabilities. In addition to being a defining the table structure, FileMaker includes user interface design, extensive scripting capability for functionality and value lists. MySQL is essentially just the data and the data structure. You would need to re-create all of the "layouts" and functionality using other tools such as HTML, PHP, etc.

A couple of things you can do with FileMaker:

1) User FileMaker Advanced to create a "Runtime" version of the app. This is takes the file and creates a standalone application that contains just FileMaker's data engine without all the development and layout tools. No FileMaker License is required to run it, you just need FileMaker Advanced to create it under the "Developer Utilities". The Runtime app is not networkable (unless you use FileMaker Server with it) but is fine for standalone tools. I sell one such RunTime app myself for contra dance callers.

2) If the app needs to be online, you can use FileMaker 13 (and the upcoming 14)'s WebDirect technology. It requires FileMaker Server and "concurrent connection" licenses but it allows you to take the layout and functionality you've already created in FileMaker and have them rendered directly to the web with no code writing at all. Works very well and let's someone who knows FileMaker but not HTML/JAVA etc. create a nice looking and highly functional web app.


Can I use runtime but have the database be a sql based engine ?
President, Dedication Technologies, Inc.

"FileMaker Pro Advanced features are stripped from runtime applications. None of the commands on the File menu > Manage submenu are available in the runtime application. Runtime applications cannot be shared over a network and do not include the ability to Save/Send Records as Adobe PDF files. ODBC import, the Execute SQL script step, and using ODBC data sources in the relationships graph are not supported in runtime application. "

However, you can use the 360Works JDBC Plugin to access a SQL data source with a Runtime, so that may be your workaround, using JDBC with a Runtime instead of ODBC.

Also, regarding licenses: 1) If you become a FileMaker Solutions Bundle Agreement (SBA) member then you can by FMP and FMS licenses in bulk to sell with your solution. 2) If the audience for your app are 501(c)(3) non-profits, they can purchase FileMaker licenses at a discount through http://TechSoup.org