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Install printer software

Have a Toshiba e-studio 355 on our network. Able to install the drivers on  Three of our machine, but on one I keep getting  "you don't have permission to change the settings on this printer. If you need to make changes see your system administrator". All machine are operating Windows 7 - 64bit. Total Defense Internet security
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Using an admin userid, uninstall the printer. Look to see if the printer exists in Programs and Features and remove it there. Otherwise remove it from Devices and Printers. Now, in Devices and Printers, click on any remaining printer to reveal the Printer Server Properties tab. In there, go to the Drivers tab. Remove the Printer Driver.

At this point the printer should be gone. Please confirm.

Restart the computer and try installing the printer again.
You might want to try the MS FixIt tool for printing. This technet page has links to the "lite" and "full" versions of the tool.  The page also describes the steps each tool takes to resolve printing issues so you can judge for yourself which version is best for your situation.

I used the "lite" version myself a few times when I got "access denied" errors trying to remove printers or drivers from a PC.  It worked like a champ.

Be careful if you use the "full" version, though: it will delete all printer queues & drivers on the system. So, be prepared to re-install printers & drivers if you try that one.
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Also started system in safe mode