OneDrive sync problem

I have been trying to setup onedrive to sync to a flashdrive on my windows 8.1 tablet.  Can't figure out how to do it and read numerous articles.  Then tried to just copy my onedrive folder from another computer to the flashdrive but I get an unexpected error 0x80070780.  Also get an access denied error when trying robocopy.  Any ideas how to copy or sync my onedrive folder to a flash drive? Copy would be fine. Syncing on my limited space 8.1 tablet would be great.
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HDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Have you tried shadow copy?

This is free software for coping in use files.

Also what is your main goal?  Are you trying to just create a backup of your OneDrive on a usb stick?  or do you want to be able to plug in the usb stick and then save stuff to your onedrive and have it cached/locall synced to the usb stick?

I have done this before using the Junction (from internals tool) (now by Microsoft) command and pointing a locally synced one drive folder to the folder on the usb stick..

One item to note,,,  The usb Stick must always have the same label and drive letter and will only work on the one system were the symbolic link/Junction was created..
Mike-LFCAuthor Commented:
I just want to make a copy of my Onedrive folders and files on a usb stick to access anywhere. Is my OneDrive folder different from other data folders on my pc so that copy and paste is just not possible?
HDatabase AdministratorCommented:
yes, (without getting into deep details about the folder)   this is basically a webdav object that looks like a folder/directory on your system.  Its basically a virtual folder so to speak.

Think of the folder when it is open as a web browser displaying the files, but looks like a standard windows folder..

It should function like a regular folder.  But you probably cant copy the folder itself.  But you should be able to copy the contents of the folder to a different folder on the usb stick.
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HDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Let me create a script for you on my ondrive folder to do this. That will make it much easier for you to copy/sync the files as needed
HDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I just thought of a better idea

Completely remove one drive from your system

Then install one drive and point the default location to a junction on your harddrive that points to a folder on the usb stick..

So basically if your usb stick is drive F and you create a junction from C folder to F 1st

from windows/dos commandline

junction c:\OneDrive  F:\OneDriveUsb

Open in new window

Then install One Drive and set its default location to c:\OneDrive

Junction utility:

Please note the drive letters will need to stay the same for the C and the USB stick..

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Mike-LFCAuthor Commented:
Thanks this works just fine and solves my problem!
HDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Also keep in mind if you use the above you will always need the USB stick inserted into the windows 8.1 tablet while using OneDrive

You may also see errors with one drive starting if the usb stick isn't in the drive.

You might need to stop and restart OneDrive after the usb stick is available. This will depend on how you are using OneDrive.  Ms office sync, Skydrive, Ms Office Groove.    There are many forms of windows apps that can access one drive/sky drive folders.
Mike-LFCAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for the good info.
HDatabase AdministratorCommented:
You are welcome, Let me know if you have any issues?  I do all kinds of stuff like this all the time and have got very good at troubleshooting work arounds.
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