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hello experts

I have a problem : I had an Exchange server that was causing some issues so  I installed a new Server Exchange that i will Call Server B. move all the databases to server B

Now the issue is with users in Terminal servers Their outlook is not connecting automatically but those who are in simple workstations they are connecting very well

I want to decomission Exchange Server A . but now i can't because when i shut it down users in TS env can not have their mails
gazambeyIT CONSULTANTAsked:
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
You would need to look at how Office was originally installed, then look for a configuration file.
I expect you will have to remove Office from the server completely, then reinstall it without the configuration file. It was probably created with the Office Customisation tool.

It should also be pointed out that with Exchange 2010, even after moving the mailboxes to another server, the clients will NOT move to another CAS role server on their own. If the CAS is still valid they will still use it.
Do you have an RPC CAS Array? If not, I would configure one and set it on all databases, both on the new and old server.

Then when you have fixed the office problem, repair all of the Outlook profiles so the clients are using the CAS Array address.

Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Version of Exchange would be of some help here.

I expect Office was installed on to that server with an installation configuration, which is locked to the old server - hard coding the old server name in effect. That will have to be undone.

gazambeyIT CONSULTANTAuthor Commented:
Exchange is 2010 Standard

Where can i find the configuration you are taking about in office?
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