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So we have a bit of an odd scenario.
We use Ubuntu thin clients running a RDP session to a 2008R2 server.  We use various RDP clients, ie... Blaze, Reminna, RemoteDesktop to connect to the server.  The Blaze is the best because it uses it's own RDP server side for compression.
The issue comes in when we want to RDP then FROM the 2008R2 server to another 2008R2 server offsite.  The graphics just lag and the application we are running also hangs.  To prove it is not their server, we did a simultaneous test from a Win7 box at the same time and we have no issues.  So here is the two scenarios.
Ubunt--(Blaze or other)-->  Win2008R2--(RDP)--> Win2008R2  Major hang
Windows 7--(RDP)--> Win2008R2--(RDP)--> Win2008R2  Works fine
Again, the application hangs and becomes unresponsive
Don't think this one is going to be easy.
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brian_appliedcpuAuthor Commented:
Turns out the issue is related to using a RDP 8 client on the first server to access an RDP v7 Server at the end.
So on Ubuntu we were using an RDPv7 client connecting to a 2008r2 Server which is RDPv7 Server then launching an RDPv8 client to connect to an RDPv7 Server.
Once we used a RDPv7 client in the middle all our problems went away.
R. Toby RichardsNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Have you updated your kernel and network driver recently? I found an old kernel NIC driver for Broadcom that had a bug which would cause that:

brian_appliedcpuAuthor Commented:
Self solved thru trial and error.
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