How do I measure my internet data usage or how can I look it up in my windows os?

How do I measure my internet data usage? Because I like to compare my internet (no data cap) with the one that is metered or data-capped.
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You can try:

I have not used it, but it looks fairly simple to install and use.

Your router does support SNMP, so you can also get tools like PRTG, Nagios,  or any other tool that does SNMP monitoring.  You will want to look for one that not only monitors for throughput, but also for total data.
What type of router do you have?  Does it support SNMP?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You can use Performance Monitor (built-in to Windows; run perfmon from the command prompt or Windows Search).

Otherwise, your best bet is to use a router with SNMP or the ability to measure built in (most home routers won't support this - you'll need a considerably more expensive business class router unless you want to SERIOUSLY experiment using a router software on another computer, like Untangle).

Keep in mind that if you're like most people, your computer isn't the only thing using bandwidth.  There's your tablet, your phone, your laptop, the Roku you might have, maybe you XBox, etc... A LOT of devices are internet connected these days and unless you're measuring at the router, you don't get a really reliable answer.
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stylelyfAuthor Commented:
How do I know its snmp-supported? The technicians installed this router and was not able to see how they did configuration.

I used perfmon, but it says counter cannot be added. And what I see is a line graph, but am I missing the data usage part?

Is my internet provider can monitor this and provide the best statistics for me?
Give us the brand and model and we can find out.   Your ISP most likely will not.  Not sure where you are at but most ISP will not do this unless you have leased line connection and a business account.

Is this connection a personal/home account or a business account.  Now of course if you have a metered connection the ISP will be monitoring this.
stylelyfAuthor Commented:
This is  personal/ home account. What I can see is a

Model: DPC2320
DOCSIS 2.0 Gateway

It's a wired connection going to your house, but when you click wireless, you go wireless inside your house.
stylelyfAuthor Commented:
Seems promising. I'll check this out later. Thanks.
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