ftp issue

I normally use FileZilla for ftp.

I have a customer who has moved their doman from the old host (1 & 1) to a new host & has built a new WebSite.

Now they want me (the developer of the old site) to shut off a cron job that runs every night on the old server.

Of course, I cannot ftp to the domain name, it now points to the new server. I got the IP address of the old site, but when I replace the url with the IP address, FileZilla  will not connect.

So I tried ftping with FireFox; it gets me to the right place but there is no way (I can see) to delete a file on the server. I figured I can delete the php program that the cron job calls, that will eliminate the running of the cron job.

Any ideas on how to get in & delete a file?
Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief DeveloperAsked:
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Computer GuyCommented:
You would need to get the access to get into the 1&1 control panel to shut off the cron.

Since you have the IP address, you could SSH in if that is allowed.

If you delete the program / file that the cron is running, the cron will still attempt to run that file since the cron is not deleted as the cron is setup server side to run a script on a server.

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You may need to call 1and1 support, as bad as it is, and tell them what needs to be done.  Without a login to the account, it's unlikely that you can change the cron job.
You need to ssh with something like PUTTY and then as the user executing the CRON job at the command line "crontab -e "  then delete the line you are removing and save the file by typing :wq.

However, if the account is shut down and the site moved, then then 1&1 should be able to just eradicate the whole instance.  

One other thought that might work, instead of using the IP in place of the url, add the host to your local hosts file temporarily and then the domain will resolve for you and only you to the 1 & 1 host.
Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief DeveloperAuthor Commented:
To Computer Guy,

I was able to get in through command line ftp in Win 7.

I deleted the 2 php programs that were run from cron.

Are you suggesting that will not work?

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