Connecting to and SQL database with Filemaker 13 on a Windows 7 box

We have an SQL server setting on our network, outside of our domain. We would like to connect to the SQL database using Filemaker 13 on one of our windows 7 pro workstations. We downloaded the MS SQL2012 odbc drivers (odbc driver 11 for SQL Server) and installed. Then we go to control panel, system and security, administrative tools, Data Source (odbc) and try to set up the System DSN. We enter the information... the question is do we use Integrated Windows Authentication....or SQL server authentication, where the user enters a username and password??  We have tried both..... and both have failed at the test connection stage. I assume since this SQL server sets outside of our domain , that we would use SQL server authentication and enter a username and password. We have a user name and password for an SQL user with admin permissions to the database. But we can't get the Test Connection to authenticate. So we can't set up the System DSN. Recommendations??
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holcomb_frankAuthor Commented:

Thanks...but I have seen these links and followed their suggestions. Still unable to connect to the sql database. Using the odbc drivers and trying to set up the DSN.... I can't connect ..... it seems to be an authentication problem but can't figure out why. Using a user and password from SQL that has admin rights to the database and still can't connect?  Any other suggestions??
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Did you try to reach the SQL Server with PING and TELNET commands?
holcomb_frankAuthor Commented:
Both gave me good suggestions and helped. I posted my method for fixing it for us.
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