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My new client has an Exchange 2007 servers in a Windows 2008R2 domain, but the domain is operating at Windows 2003 operational level. This domain has a 2 way trust with another 2003 domain, and that has a 2003 Exchange server in it. The user mailboxes have been moved from the Exchange 2003 server to the 2007 server. However the user accounts remain in the 2003 domain.
The problem that they are having is that Active Sync is not working for their cell phones. Can anyone tell me why this is and how to correct it please.
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Manikandan NarayanswamySecurity Specialist & IBM Security GuardiumCommented:
The user are appeared as "linked" mailbox right? Can verify for user whom mailbox on Exchange 2007 and account also Windows 2008 R2 domain facing activesync issue?
harold9153Author Commented:
No. The users do not appear as linked mailboxes. User accounts in the 2008 domain have no trouble with active sync.
Manikandan NarayanswamySecurity Specialist & IBM Security GuardiumCommented:

Did you selected the Include inheritable permissions from the advanced properties of the user on which you're facing this issue. Refer the link i gave earlier.

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