Upgrade SSD on MacbookPro

I'm upgrading the SSD on a MacbookPro7,1. It's going from 128GB to 960GB Patriot Ignite which says it's Mac compatible.
Here's what I've done. Formatted and "recovered" the hard drive using the instructions here:

When I have the old drive installed inside the laptop, and the new drive as an external USB, boot, go into System Pref > Startup Drive and select the USB, then Restart... we get a good quick boot from the new drive.

However, when I swap the drives and try to boot from the new drive, as a SATA, then I get this:
This is what I get.
Also reset the NV ram as per Option-Command-P-R keys:
and this:
shift  - power
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Did you try booting while holding down the option key? Did it give you the choice of which drive to boot from?

When you partitioned the new drive did you set the partition map to GUID?

Also, when you booted with the new drive as an external, are you sure you booted from the external and not the internal?
On researching this problem, a number of people have reported that it can be solved by replacing the SATA ribbon cable. Apparently sometimes a bad SATA cable can be good enough at SATA-I or SATA-II speeds, but not good enough for a SATA-III SSD.
Elixir2Author Commented:
Yes on the option key, and yes on seeing two drives. I've attempted to boot from the new drive when it is both inside and outside the laptop. When outside (USB) it boots! Inside, still the spinning wheel.

So we're attempting one more time, but your idea of the ribbon cable is a good one.
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David AndersTechnician Commented:
I am currently dealing with a MacBook Pro with similar symptoms.
Waiting for the cable.  http://ifixit.com  $40
Hard drives installed into the MBP do not boot. (except for Recovery Partition)
Firewire external drives boot. Firewire Target Mode drives boot.
I haven't yet had problems with putting an external drive in a MacBook Pro and booting from it.  Have you also tried blessing your external drive first to make the partition bootable?

sudo bless --folder "/Volumes/External Disk" -label "New Disk"

David AndersTechnician Commented:
In my current instance.
The original HD repair with Disk Utility failed three times with an error
Diskwarrior failed with errors.
Disk Utility failed partitioning with "Partition Failed Wiping Volume Data to prevent future accidental probing failed"
Removed the original HD failed Disk Utility Repair once with error
Removed the original HD Diskwarrior reported repair okay
Then Disk Utility Repair reported original HD okay.
Original HD booted another MacBook Pro.
Waiting on cable.
Sure sounds like the cable to me.
Elixir2Author Commented:
@serialband - just to clarify, this problem and post are not about and do not describe "putting an external drive in a MacBook Pro and booting from it."  

We are attempting a (supposedly) simple and straightforward clone-upgrade. Please reference the links I provided in the OP.
Elixir2Author Commented:
@davidanders - do you have a direct link for the cable you purchased?

And just a little HAHA here... did anyone notice the VERY FIRST category on iFixit is.... MAC. LMAO
Elixir2Author Commented:
This suspect is an A1278 so we're going with this cable:
Which is of course $10 more than yours. LOL

Also used this with a serial number to find the exact part:
Elixir2Author Commented:
Just to update, the cable did nothing. We're still running this on a standard hard drive with no problems. I took the SSD in question here and put Windows on it, stuck it in my Acer and it work fine. I've been using it ever since. So, does that mean nothing wrong with the hard drive? Nothing wrong with the cable? Is this the Mac?

I basically got what I laughingly call a "forced upgrade" - I was forced to take that expensive SSD and use it, even though I didn't want it. It IS nice though. LOL

But that doesn't answer this question. WTF happened MAC??

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Elixir2Author Commented:
There was no real solution other than to replace the drive.
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