Which CMS system is more easy?


I have to make application or software to validate the data of products (in csv files) before uploading to production sever.

So as data is products , items , its attributes and prices and inventory as ecommerce site normally has it so I was thinking to load it into some open source php or java based ecommerce platform where I can load these products data and can verifiy them and then send it to production server.
Which platfoms are easy and suitable for this purpose like I was thinking Magento, OpenCart or Wordpress with WooCommerce theme or BroadLeaf (Java platform) . but I am looking platform which is more simple and easy to work.

I am Java programmer so more comfortable in Java but if also can learn and work in php too if php platforms are more easy.

Can you guide me please. Thanks in advance.
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NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:
Check out php as your goto language.

Besides being very close to Java in nature, it is the most popular server side Web programming language out there which can be ran from multiple os' and it's  free.

Magneto and Prestashop are the two that come to mind as the most  easy, yet customizable platforms available
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