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Server 2012 Data Center Vs Standard on a VMWare Host

I am intending to purchase servers with the intent of virtualization.  I will likely purchase the licensing for Micorsoft Data Center 2012 R2 to cover all the machines that will run on my VMware hosts.  I read a post that said the way Microsoft intends the licensing to work is to purchase Data Center for the VM Host to cover all the VMs on the host and install 2012 Standard as the OS the VM actually runs.  Is this an accurate understanding of how the licensing works for Server 2012 R2?
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Correct, that's exactly how it works. So you assign your Datacenter license to the host "on paper!".

and then use Standard in all your VMs.

That is the cheapest method of licensing, if you have lots of VMs.
Harper McDonaldSr. Cloud Support Engineer

Plus I believe for Hyper-V 2012 Datacenter allows as many VM's as your host can take at no additional cost.