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end of aol account

I have a boss that uses AOL for email and internet.  They pay a subscription for this.  When they access the internet they go through the AOL software and then browse the web through AOL browser and get their email through the software as well.  If they decide to discontinue this account and not pay for the subscription anymore will they also lose their email address or can this still be used?
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They can downgrade to a free AOL account to keep access to the mail.


You could also move the mail to like gmail



So what is the purpose of paying for AOL?
Some people like the look and feel of the software, dumb down version of browers, antivirus included, etc.


Some dont realize they can have their mail without paying for it.
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Freemail usually includes ads within the messages they send, that doesn't look too professional, particularly if the mail is used inside a company. When you pay for the mail service, those ads are usually removed.

Besides that, there are usually additional services that you get with paid accounts, like more storage, further mail protocols, better spam and virus filters, access to backups, free telefone support etc.