How to update multiple binary circular files in C

I need to do a mass update of several years of data in binary circular files.  I have a program that can be run to update one file at a time, but I need a more efficient way of updating multiple files.  I am fairly new to C.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Are you working in Windows, Mac, Linux, or something else?

What is a circular file?  When I hear 'circular file' I think trash can.

Whatever your platform, you should be able to make a batch file or script.

On Windows, you can open a DOS window and do  dir *.cir /s > file.txt to list all your files.

Then you can edit or process the list to make a batch file

yourprog   file_001.cir
yourprog   file_002.cir
yourprog   file_003.cir
yourprog   file_999.cir
if the files are all stored at the same physical disk, you won't get much benefit by using multi-threading for the update since the bottle neck is the disk i/o.

if you have multiple folders - say one folder for each year - where the files reside, you may start your program multiple times from shell and pass the source folder as command line argument. that way you easily could check whether it makes sense to run multiple instances of your program parallel or whether this slows down the overall performance.

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