Stop RDP from asking for credentials and go straight to server log in page?

No matter what I've tried server side I cannot prevent this, GPO, registry, anything. Whenever I go to log into a server I get the popup asking for login information. Well that would be fine, if the password wasn't expired or checked to change on next log in. If either of those apply it fails with a contact administrator for assistance because your password expired / needs to be changed.

I know I can edit the .rdp local file but doing that for everyone would be a pain. I tried many different GPOs and none have stopped this. It seems like the biggest issue is on Windows 2012 (I can't recall seeing it on older boxes but I don't really have many left).

Is there a way to bypass this and go straight to the server so users can be prompted to change their password information?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
You'd be far better off enabling a set-service way for users to change their expired passwords. Even RDWeb offers this basic functionality. There are known exploits that can take advantage of the old way of logging into RDS and CredSSP has been around since Vista/2008. It is a reliable and accepted standard at this point.
Seth_zinAuthor Commented:
That seems to be the basic answer I seem to run into. I will talk to them about that, I don't want to lower security to fix this issue.
Seth_zinAuthor Commented:
Other than by design, this is the best answer I've seen / gotten.
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