Do I need to change reverse DNS to point to Spam/continuity Server? / Troubleshooting Exchange 2010 DNS/MX records


We've got a SBS 2011 that we're having the odd issue with sending/or receiving.

It seems to be since we subscribed to Avira Managed Email Security.

We're now using Avira for first 2 entries of MX records but have the native server: "" as the 3rd.

Avira seems to make no mention of making changes to any records except MX records.

Should I be changing reverse DNS to point to them? Should I be making other changes?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The PTR (aka reverse DNS) belongs to your IP address. Therefore you cannot point it at their service.
Usually you wouldn't have your own server listed in the MX records. Spammers actively target MX servers with higher costs on purpose - your configuration is a classic example why - it will bypass the protection. You should remove your server address from the MX record and then configure the server to only accept external SMTP traffic from the filtering service.

Are you able to route email OUT through them? If so, that will make the most sense.
Otherwise ensure that the Send Connector has the correct FQDN on it.

Do a banner test as per the instructions on my blog here:

I would also check your NAT is correct by doing a telnet in to port 25 of a remote server, issuing an EHLO and checking the IP address returned is expected.

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