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VMware: cannot ping guest os

I have an ESXi 5 host with 3 guest operating systems. The host and 1 of the guest OS are fine.. I can ping them and they can see the physical network. The other 2 guest OSs can ping each other and the host but not the physical network.

Being a VMware novice.. any ideas where to start would be much appreciated.?
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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Can you upload a screenshot of the Networking in ESXi, and we can inspect and have a look at what is going ?

 the physical network.  - when you state  the physical network ?

do you mean devices on your network ?

e.g. have you tried the default gateway ?

what happens, request time out?

have you tried by IP Address and FQDN, and Hostname ?
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Thanks Andrew

Yep.. devices on our network..

Yep.. I cannot ping the default gateway from guests 05 and 06.. but can ping it from the esxi host and guest 04. All guest NICs say connected and have the correct ip addresses.. /24 subnet masks and default gateways set.

Yep.. I get a Request timed out..

tried by ip address to eliminate nay DNS issues.

User generated image
User generated image
Also, I've heard with 1 version of Esxi.. disabling and enabling the guest NIC solved the issue.. but have tried this and the 2 guest VMs still can't ping any other than each other..
Are all these VMs using the VMXNET3 interface, they should be.
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Apologies for late reply.. apparently the onsite technician deleted the NICs re-added them and rebooted the host..

thanks for all your help