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Exch 2010 Public Folder replication

I am reading too much into this and confusing myself.  I have three Mailbox Servers (Exchange 2010)  Ex1, Ex2, Ex3.  They are DAG members and hold Public Folder Databases.  I have replicated the public folders from my previous Exchange 2003 environment.  The replication from Exchange 2003 was to targeted to Ex1 only.  Ex1 has some of the data, while Ex2 has some of the other! Does this make sense?

This is where the problem arises for my users, who are connecting to Ex1 as their Public folder, based upon the mailbox database Client Settings. So far so good, until they want to look at public folder data on Ex2.  How do I get all public folder data to be on all the replicas?

Do I use the replication settings per folder to replicate that which exists on Ex2 to Ex1, and conversely, what exists on Ex1 to Ex2?

Additionally, what happens if a server has itself in the replication list?

Thanks for a swing of the clue bat.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Will Szymkowski

You need to use either the Shell or the Exchange Management Console to configure Public Folder replicaiton. Simply having your Public Folder database on a server that is part of a DAG does not cover this.

Public Folders can only be (duplicated) to other DAG members in Exchange 2013. There is a Public Folder Mailbox Hierarchy 1st Mailbox (read/write) 2nd hierarchy is read only.

In Exchange 2010 you need to use replicas to have them replicate properly. This can also be set on a per folder basis as well.

See the link below for more detail.


Thanks Will,

I was pretty sure about the DAG, but just mentioned it for completeness. So that brings up the replication issue.  I have items that are on both Ex1 and Ex2, which makes no sense when the initial replication was to go to EX2 only.  In that I mean, the data on Ex2 should replicate to Ex1, assuming the PF Replication is one-way only.

Thanks for the link, I will dig through that and get back to you.

Will Szymkowski

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Thanks Will.  This clarifies it for me.

I am still curious as to how PF DB on Exch1 had data when the Exch 2003 was replicating to Exch2 only... Only Microsoft knows why. ;-)
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