Cisco Controller 2504 keeps losing a licenses

I have a cisco controller 2504 that had 7 access points supported.

We recently adding another AP in the building and added another licenses to the controller bringing it to 8.

I load the licenses, save it, see that the controller has 8 Access Points Supported.

I will check the next day and the controller still has 8 Access Points supported.  In about a week or two I will check and it will show 7 access points supported.  When I contacted cisco they sent me another licenses file but the same thing still happens.

Basically, I will install the license back about every two weeks.  Not sure how to fix this.
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Craig BeckCommented:
Cisco 2504 doesn't allow 7 or 8 licenses.  It's only able to increase in increments divisible by 5, so you could have 5, 10, 15, 20, etc...

It sounds to me like you're seeing the AP count.  That tells you how many APs are connected to the 2504 and how many more are able to.  These two numbers should total the license count on the WLC.

Can you log in to the GUI and go to the Management -> Software Activation -> License Usage page and post a screenshot?
kevingattisAuthor Commented:
Sorry, for some reason not able to upload a file; however,

This is what is shown on the page

License Level

License Capacity

Counted Feature                 Max Count           Current Count             Remaining Count
AP Count                                    8                               8                                       0
Craig BeckCommented:
Ok, thanks.

I just checked and I must apologise.  You can now purchase a single-AP adder license for the 2504.  The SKU is LIC-CT2504-1A or L-LIC-CT2504-1A.

So, I've never seen a WLC lose a license.  Can you post the output from the Management -> Software Activation -> Licenses page please (different page to the other one I asked you to post from)?
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kevingattisAuthor Commented:
I also saw where you can buy 1, 5, or 10.  We had another controller that had six.

However,  I think this is what you wanted.

License                     Type                     Time         Count      Priority           Status       
base                       permanent       No Expiry      NA           Medium          Not in Use
base-ap-count      permanent     No Expiry      5              Medium      Inactive      
base-ap-count      permanent     No Expiry       7              Medium     Inactive
base-ap-count      permanent     No Expiry       8             Medium     In Use
base-ap-count      evaluation      12 weeks        75           None           Inactive
Craig BeckCommented:
Ok, so the 8 AP license is there.

base-ap-count      permanent     No Expiry       8             Medium     In Use

When it goes back to 7 can you post the same again please?
kevingattisAuthor Commented:
Ok, I will.

I install the license again yesterday 4-14-15.

Today 4-15-15 still shows 8.
kevingattisAuthor Commented:
Been so busy I almost forgot to check,

However,  It has gone back to 7.

License                     Type                     Time                 Count      Priority       Status      
base                       permanent       No Expiry              NA           Medium      Not in Use
base-ap-count      permanent     No Expiry                5              Medium      Inactive      
base-ap-count      permanent     No Expiry                7              Medium      In Use
base-ap-count      evaluation      12 weeks,6 days    75            None           Inactive
kevingattisAuthor Commented:
I called cisco support, he sent me another file for the licenses and it worked.  It went to 8 and it has stayed to 8.

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kevingattisAuthor Commented:
I think maybe the licenses file I had was corrupted.
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