Route Internal exchange email through 3rd party spam filter (XEAMS)

Hello all,

I have installed a XEAMS email server to act as Spam firewall and an archive server.  I want to be able to route my local internal emails through it for both spam outbreak monitoring and archival.  Here is an example of my setup:

Internet (via firewall) --> Xeams SMTP Proxy Server --> Exchange 2010  [ this is currently working properly ]

Exchange 2010 server  -->  Xeams Smtp server  --> Internet [ this is currently working properly ]

Exchange server  --> Xeams Smtp server  --> Back to same Exchange 2010 [This is what I need to get working]

So, I want an email from to go through the XEAMS server, then get delivered back to on the same exchange server.

Anyone have any idea how to configure that?  Or is this a bad idea?
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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
My impulse is to say both it can't be done (although I'm not familiar with the specific product you're using) and that it's unnecessary.  What would be the particular reason that you want to route your internal email this way?  Surely you don't think that internal users are sending spam to each other? If you're thinking that it will help prevent malware infections on your internal workstations from causing the workstation to send out spam inadvertently, then the easiest way to do this is to set your perimeter firewall rules to prevent any SMTP traffic from going out except from the Exchange server and the XEAMS proxy server.
waynedcamAuthor Commented:
hypercat - two reasons. XEAMS has a nice built in email archive and I am need to retire my old mailarchiva server and the outbreak monitoring.  My users don't intentionally spam, but there have been a couple of cases in the last year where they became infected and started spamming.  In both cases, the evidence was in the users Outlook sent items folder.  Meaning the spam went through outlook and exchange.  Naturally, my firewall disallows any smtp traffic from leaving my network unless it comes from my server.  Also, in both cases, the spams generated went to local and remote recipients.  My current setup protects external recipients from any internal outbreaks generating spam with the XEAMS server in place, but i would like to protect my internal users as well.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
You cannot route internal email through an external service. End of story.
Therefore if you want scan internal email you will need to install something that is integrated with Exchange.

For archiving, most products of this type have a journaling function where you can send email to a certain address and it will capture it. Your request cannot be unusual so ask the vendor for details on how to set that up.


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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
In addition to Simon's comments, most of the big antivirus/antispam software vendors (Symantec, Vipre, etc.) have components that link in to Exchange on the server and Outlook on the workstation.  The ideal is to have multiple lines of defense.  If you don't already have this in place, you should seriously consider implementing it in your environment.
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