Cany find the bug in my Slimmenu / JQuery code

I am modifying my site to change the Spry menu bar because it does not work with tablets touch screens.

i have made a test page using SlimMenu which I downloaded from

It looks as though the JQuery is not working.  In the instructions at the link above it mentions :
"Add jquery.slimmenu.js after jQuery plugin and before closing body tag."  I dont know what a jQuery plugin is.  Maybe this is the problem.  There is also an error message displayed:
$('#navigation').slimmenu( { resizeWidth: '800', collapserTitle: 'Main Menu', animSpeed: 'medium', easingEffect: null, indentChildren: false, childrenIndenter: ' ' })

Help will be much appreciated.

You can view the page at:
Brian SowterTechnical DirectorAsked:
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Duy PhamFreelance IT ConsultantCommented:
jQuery is simply an advanced javascript library. You can download jQuery from here: and add jQuery js file to your project page (like slimmenu.js).
Or you can directly link to jQuery library using Google CDN:
Brian SowterTechnical DirectorAuthor Commented:
Hi  Dui
I downloaded jquery.js and put it in a folder called slimmenu.  I also put in a two script lines;  

<script src="slimmenu/jquery.js"></script>
<script src="slimmenu/jquery.slimmenu.js"></script>

 I still get the problem that the menu is in uncolapsed form though the links do work.  I also get an error message at the very bottom of the page
$('#navigation').slimmenu( { resizeWidth: '800', collapserTitle: 'Main Menu', animSpeed: 'medium', easingEffect: null, indentChildren: false, childrenIndenter: ' ' });

I must be close but I stil cant find the problem.  The link to the offending page is

Please help!
Duy PhamFreelance IT ConsultantCommented:
Your slimMenu has several issues:
1. HTML Markups are not well-formed, missing closing tags for quite number of elements. You'd better check your website in general at:
2. Don't wrap sub menu level inside <div align="center"> tag, if you want your menu texts to be centralized, using css such as .slimmenu li { text-align: center; } instead (like inside my example in jsfiddle below). However I don't recommend centralize the menu item texts, else menu will look silly in mobile browsers.
3. Your initialization code $('#navigation').slimmenu(...); must be wrapped inside a <script> tag. And you'd better put initialization code in DOM ready event handler (e.g.: $(function() { // initialization code });) like in example here:

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Brian SowterTechnical DirectorAuthor Commented:
I am a 75 year old guy and I would never have fixed this problem without this help.  It is really encouraging for me.
Thanks again
Duy PhamFreelance IT ConsultantCommented:
You're welcome :). And actually you (and one of my 70-year-old colleagues) are encouraging me in continuous learning.

Best regards,
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