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The print spooler failed to share printer ... err 2114.... event 315

Having an issue with a server - all network printers stopped.  error on server is:

The print spooler failed to share printer ... err 2114.... event 315
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It appears the Print Spooler has crashed if you received that message and all printers are hung on that Server.

- Open all print objects and see what is printing.
- Cancel all print jobs currently caught in any print queue
- Restart the 'Print Spooler' Service. (Leaving docs in the print queue will disallow you from restarting the Spooler service)
     - START
     - (In the Search Field) type: 'services.msc', or open Services any way you are comfortable.
     - Find 'Print Spooler' in the Services menu
     - R-Click on 'Print Spooler' and select 'Restart'
*If this fails to restart, reboot the server and try again*
- Verify you can pin a couple of the printers, and that they respond.
     - If no response, reboot the server and try again
     - If still no response start checking the NIC and network connectivity
- If ping is good, open a print object and send a test print.
- If successful, attempt to share the printer again. Use a completely different share name for the test. If successful, you can always re-specify the share name to whatever you want.

Let us know.


Thank you - it worked

Awesome, have a good day!