files missing after changing offline folders in sync center to disabled from enabled

I have a user that was working in a folder that was set to be available offline. The files on the server was older than the files on the PC. when syncing was turned off using sync center the newer files on the PC have vanished. Have they been deleted? If nit, where would they be on the PC? If sync offline folders is re-enabled will the recover the newer files on the local PC? The OS is Windows 7 32-bit
jfhollowaySr. Systems AdministratorAsked:
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Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
I don't know the exact answer to your specific questions but I can give you some cautionary advice until someone who can comes along. If there are a lot of files missing and they are important you may want to use recovery software to recover the deleted files. The critical piece of information here is to minimize the amount of writing new files/data to the local disk in case this is the only place there are so you don't want to write over them. I use active undelete -- have for about 10 years now and it works for me but there are many others out there too.
David QuinnSite IT CoordinatorCommented:
the offline files are still in a hidden directory on the local PC. however they are encrypted an inaccessible until sync is re enabled. you can probable b
do this while not connected to the network to ensure that the older files don't overwrite the newer ones.
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