Surface Pro 3 - 512GB / Intel i7 - noisy fan

I have been using Surface Pro 3 - 512GB / Intel i7 for three months now. The fan is very annoying. Just to using the browser or Visual Studio pro, the fan often blows very hard and the back panel gets hotter than usual. Is this normal on Surface, this model? Is there anything I can do about the fan?
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I've seen this many times. I work at Best Buy part time in the Geek Squad. This is an ongoing issue with the new i7's and supposedly Microsoft is working a fix for it. In the meantime, try this to temporarily fix it.

Open Task Manager and look for the following tasks and end the processes:

Windows Installer Module and the Windows Installer Module Worker.

These tasks will automatically start again if you try to install software so it will not be a problem. End these two tasks and you should hear the fan slow way down or stop once it cools down. Temp should go way down also.
You have all the latest updates including firmware/bios?
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