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We have installed cisco call manager uc-520 with 28 internal ip telephony , and six phone line connected to the FXO interface .

I need to configure the call manager in way that , if multiple  incoming call come to one phone line , it should be shifted to other phone line without return the new incoming call busy .

For example :

I have primary phone line 462589  “ all the customer should contact with this phone number “ and I have secondary phone lines (five in my case ) , if tow customer call 462589 at the same time one should go with the primary  phone line channel and the second should go with one of secondary phone line without turning the incoming call busy .

Please help me by sending the configuration

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Presumably you mean multiple calls going to the same FXO line, I do not believe what you are looking for is possible on UC, you need to contact the provider through whom you are getting these PSTN  (FXO) lines and have them configure the lines in a hunt group that roll.
The issue with what you are asking deals with call waiting when the line is in use, the UC after the line comes in, I believe, does not deal with any additional tones on the line after it connects the call to the first extension.

Similarly in your situation on the CME, you would define a hunt group for all your incoming FXO lines as an aggregate that will then "ring" a hunt group such that when each extension is being used, the next one will ring.

Presumably you do not have the option to go with a PRI/Fiber, which is the reason you have PSTN lines.
If you have the option at some point to go to a PRI, do so at that point, the calls no matter what number was dialed will come in up to the maximum number of incoming/outgoing calls that you get from the provider.
at that point, your Internal HUNT group will dispurse the calls as outlined in the second paragraph of my response.

PSTN (hunt group on the telecom provider) to avoid busy signals when the same number is dialed. I beleive call waiting is useless in this situation possibly with any PBX.

UC-520 (hunt group deals with routing calls to unused/available extensions depending on setup)
If I'm understanding the post, I don't think he's looking for a hunt group on the UC520. He just wants the FXO lines to roll on incoming calls.  The other poster is correct, the "rolling" of the lines will be performed by the Telco.  I think that you can create an octo-line directory number, then assign the ephone-dn to all of the phones that you need to answer calls.  Technically for the incoming calls you don't need to create a trunk group.  The individual lines will be plugged into the router and once they roll from the Telco they will ring accordingly and be sent to the ephone-dn number you created.  I would configure it similar to this:

Create a trunk group for the FXO lines:

trunk group ALL_FXO
 description 6 Line Hunt group
 hunt-scheme sequential both

Add all of the FXO lines to the trunk group and point them to a dn:

voice-port 0/0/0
 trunk-group ALL_FXO
 connection plar 300
 description Line 1

voice-port 0/0/1
 trunk-group ALL_FXO
 connection plar 300
 description Line 2

voice-port 0/0/2
 trunk-group ALL_FXO
 connection plar 300
 description Line 3

voice-port 0/0/3
 trunk-group ALL_FXO
 connection plar 300
 description Line 4

voice-port 0/1/0
 trunk-group ALL_FXO
 connection plar 300
 description Line 5

voice-port 0/1/1
 trunk-group ALL_FXO
 connection plar 300
 description Line 6

Create an octo line Dn and only allow it to hunt on 6 lines sending the
subsequent calls to voicemail.

ephone-dn  50  octo-line
 number 300
 huntstop channel 6
 Call-forward busy <<voicemail>>
 call-forward noan <<voicemail>> timeout 25
ziadalshowaiterAuthor Commented:
many thanks , your answer was corret
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