How to tell what RAID configuration our SANs are in.

Hi Experts,

When we set up our four SANs we configured them as a 55 RAID. (5 across each shelf and 5 between the shelves). In the HP Centralized Management Console where does it show this configuration?

Under the Storage Systems page of the cluster it shows RAID configuration as 5 only. This seems to be for the shelf only what about inter shelf RAID?
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Thomas RushCommented:
It's always important to specify exactly which storage product you have.   In this case, it sounds like you're using StoreVirtual (aka Lefthand).   But are you using a hardware version, or the VSA?   Which version of code are you running on the system?  And of course, if you don't specify the exact HW + SW you're using, maybe you're using terms from StoreVirtual when you're really running StoreServ or MSA, and we' just won't know.
In any case, better to give too much detail about your HW and SW, than too little.

So let's assume you're running StoreVirtual.  If you're running the StoreVirtual VSA, there is no way to tell.  You provision the storage and present it through the hypervisor to the Virtual Storage Appliance, which has no clue whether it's RAID 0, 1, 5, 60, etc.

But perhaps you're running an actual StoreVirtual HW appliance such as the StoreVirtual 4335.   In that case, see for information on viewing and changing the RAID levels.
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
what HP storage do you have and how did you create this "RAID-55"?
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